Our logo is that of a human eye.  Webster defines the eye as the faculty of seeing; vision; often developed perception.  Simply stated, the eye is a beautiful and powerful organ that symbolizes sight or vision. Spiritually speaking, the eye is a divine symbol that represents our watchful and vigilant, protective and loving omniscient God.

When you look into the eyes of most persons, you will see a gleam, such as is seen in our logo.  When we look at this eye, we see something that represents vision.  Vision is the anticipation or revelation of things to come.  Some may see a cross, which symbolizes Jesus who died on the cross that our life might be abundant and everlasting, and that our sins might be forgiven;  some may see a window, which symbolizes a clear view of what's outside or what's coming;  some may see a door, which represents an open entrance for all to enter into for worship and fellowship.

For the Poplar Lawn Baptist Church, all of the above represent a vision of growth.  Over the years, the Lord has given us the insight to put new ministries in place; to strengthen our faith and commitment; to forge on---to see what the end is going to be.  We have idealistically developed the motto:  "A progressive church with a progressive vision."  We are looking forward. We will only look back in order to grow and not repeat the mistakes of the past; "for eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of man, what God has in store for them who love Him."